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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1- Questions related to Registration

- What are the registration requirements?

In order to register, you will need to be at least 18 years of age, and have a valid photo ID

- How much is the registration?

There are no registration fees, however, a $10 administrative fee, will be added to your bill for each vehicle purchased.

- When and where can I register?

Registration is from 8AM to 10AM the day of the auction at 5501 N. Sharon Amity Rd, Charlotte, NC 28215.

- Do I need a Dealer?s License to register?

No, the auction is open to the public, and you will be able to request the titlework to be under your name or company name, whichever you prefer.

2- Questions related to Vehicles to be Auctioned

- What information can you provide on these vehicles?

We do not have any background information on the vehicles or personal property. Due of the high number of items that are auctioned every month, we are unable to provide information for specific items. Before you purchase a vehicle, you will have access to year, make, model, mileage, and you would have seen the condition of it, drivable vehicles will be driven thru the auction lane. You will also be able to view personal property on auction day prior to bidding.

- Where are these vehicles from?

Most of the vehicles were seized due to repeated DWI offenses. The rest of the vehicles are police impounds, Felony to Elude Seizure vehicles, NCDOR seizures, and/or stored vehicles.

- Can I buy a listed vehicle, before or after the auction?

No, all vehicles will be sold thru the auction process.

- Do these vehicles have salvage or clear titles?

Most vehicles have clear titles, but there is the possibility of a salvage title if it was declared salvage prior to Eastway Wrecker obtaining the vehicle.

- Are these vehicles drivable?

Most vehicles are drivable, and were running at the moment of seizure, however, there are some that were involved in accidents, vehicles are driven thru while being auctioned, you will know whether they are drivable or not.

3- Questions related to the Auction

- How much money do I need to bring?

It depends on how much you want to spend, or what type of car and condition you are looking for.

- How much a (Year Make Model) usually sells for?

Every auction is different; the auction value of the vehicles will depend on the type of car, condition, and the crowd. How much a vehicle sells for, varies from auction to auction.

- Can you send me a post sale report showing how much the cars sold for?

No, we do not have a report to send out. You will never know how much the next car will sell for, until the bidding ends. Every car sells differently.

- A car was listed, but was not seen at the auction. Can Eastway remove items from the auction?

All vehicles are subject to cancellation, NCDPI, NCDOR, and Eastway Wrecker Service are able to remove any item up to the moment of sale. Some of the reasons include: The owner picked up the vehicle, the title work was not received, etc.

- What?s the starting bid amount for vehicles and motorcycles?

The starting bid is $350 for both the vehicles and motorcycles.

4- Questions related to check out process

- Will I be responsible for any outstanding liens on the vehicle?

No, there are no liens on any of these vehicles; all previous liens have been voided prior to the auction.

- When do I have to pay if I win a bid?

FOR NCDPI AND NCDOR VEHICLES- Payment is due by 1 PM the day of the auction, If you do not have the whole amount by then, you will have to pay 20% down, non refundable before you leave, and come back with the rest of the money before 5pm on Monday. No payment will be accepted after 5PM the next business day. Each vehicle not removed from our facility by 5pm on Monday after the auction will accrue a $20 per day storage fee.

*If you fail to pay for the vehicle by the time mentioned above, Eastway Wrecker may void the sale and take appropriate legal steps to recover its cost and enforce the contract of sale. You will not be allowed to attend future auctions.

FOR NCDOR PERSONAL PROPERTY- Payment is due IN FULL by 1:00pm on Auction Day. Mecklenburg County Sales Tax will be added to your invoice for each sold item. All personal property items must be paid in full and removed by the buyer on auction day.

*If you fail to pay for personal property by the time mentioned above, Eastway Wrecker may void the sale and take appropriate legal steps to recover its cost and enforce the contract of sale. You will not be allowed to attend future auctions.

- What are the methods of payment that will be accepted?


Visa or Master Card (please be advised, we can only process cards as credit, and there will be a 4% surcharge for all credit card purchases)

Checks (only with pre-approved certified bank letters, will need to be submitted and approved at least 2 weeks prior to the auction)

- Will I need to provide proof of insurance?

No, Eastway Wrecker will not verify insurance coverage; however, the State of North Carolina requires insurance on all vehicles operated on the road. You should check with your insurance company prior to driving the car off the lot.

- Will a temporary tag be provided to drive the vehicle off the lot?

No, we do not provide temporary tags, you will need to bring your own, pick up the car after you get a new tag or arrange for a tow.

- Do I get a title with the vehicle?

Yes, you will receive all the paper work necessary for the title; this includes an LT-265 form, and an MVR 1 (title application) form. You will need to take these to NCDMV to process the title of the vehicle. It is very important that you do not lose the paper work we give you! NCDOR Title Work cannot be re-ordered if you lose it.

- We are a dealer; will the title be under the person or company?s name?

The title will be under the registered bidder, you can choose whether you want your name or the company name to show as the owner in the title. You must let register under the name you wish for the title work to be issued under.

- Will I have to pay sales taxes on auctioned items?

Vehicles- No, Eastway Wrecker does not charge sales tax on vehicles. Vehicles taxes are handled through the NCDMV and the County of registration.

Personal Property- Yes, All personal property items are subject to Mecklenburg County Sales Tax.

- When can I get the car?

You will be able to get the car and personal property once the auction has ended and your invoice has been paid in full. You have until Monday at 5PM to pick up the vehicles without storage charges, after 5PM a $20/day storage fee will be charged.

5- Questions related to other auctions

- Do you host another auto auction?

Yes. The Mecklenburg County Sheriff Auction is held on Mondays at 1:00 pm at our 2801 Wilkinson Boulevard location. For information about these auctions, please visit the Mecklenburg County Sheriff's website at

- Is there another DWI auction in North Carolina?

Yes. Please visit for more information.

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